European Cancer Rehabilitation Survivorship Symposium 2024

ECRS 2024 hopefully attracts a diverse group of participants, working with cancer reabilitation and survivorship - no matter if you work in the local community, the hospital sector, administration, advocacy or research. The degree of self-participation, decision sharing, and caretaking is rising concurrently during but also after treatment, spilling into after-care and rehabilitation.How can we address the challenges of the increasing incidence of late effects in our population of cancer survivors in which every second cancer patient already had another chronic dissease at diagnosis?

Sted: Charlottehaven, 2100 København Ø
Dato: 9.-10. september 2024
Tidspunkt: kl. 8.00
Pris: 2600 kr.
Tilmeldingsfrist: 30. august 2024